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ThisPrivacy Policy applies to the website (the Site), andforms part of the Website Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement that governsyour use of the Site. ClearVision Optical (ClearVision Optical or We)respects your privacy and protects it by complying with this policy.

PLEASE READ THIS PRIVACY POLICY CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE SITE. By using our Site,you acknowledge that you have read this Privacy Policy, and agree to it. If youdo not agree to any of the terms contained in this Privacy Policy, do not touse the Site. This policy may change from time to time and if you continue touse this Site after we modify the Privacy Policy, you are deemed to haveaccepted the changes, so please check periodically for updates.

ThisPrivacy Policy explains our practices for collecting, using, storing, securing,and disclosing information obtained from you on this Site, through electroniccorrespondence between you and this Site, through other correspondence withyou, and when you interact with our advertising and/or applications on thirdparty sites and services if they include links to this policy

ThisPrivacy Policy does not apply to information collected by third parties,including via websites, applications, or other content that may be accessiblefrom or linked to this Site. CLEARVISIONOPTICAL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OR PRIVACY PRACTICES ON ANYNON-CLEARVISION OPTICAL SITE TO WHICH THIS SITE LINKS.

1.                 Information We Collect and How We Collect It. ClearVision Opticalcollects different kinds of information from you in different ways.

(a)              WhatInformation Collected. We collect these types of information on the Site.

(i)                Non-personalInformation is any information that does not identify you individually ordoes not permit a direct association with an individual (even if it is aboutyou). Non-personal Information includes information about your Internetconnection, equipment used to access the Site, and usage information.Non-personal Information may be derived from Personal Information bydepersonalizing it to remove unique identifiers and/or combining it withinformation about other users to form aggregated data.

(ii)             PersonalInformation is information that personally identifies you or allows one tocontact you, such as name, email address, street address, telephone number,payment card information. To the extent we associate Non-personal Informationwith Personal Information, we treat the combination as PersonalInformation. 

(b)              HowInformation is Collected. We collect information on the Site in these ways:

(iii)           InformationYou Provide. In the course of visiting and using the Site, you may provideinformation to us. For example, you may make a purchase. In the course of doingso, you may be asked for information about yourself, or may choose to providesuch information. If you voluntarily provide your Personal Information to us,we collect it. When you: (i) submit a request or inquiry; or (ii) purchase aproduct or service from us online (each of the foregoing a Transaction), youmay disclose Personal Information that we collect. We may also retain recordsabout your Transactions, your correspondence with us, or your searches on theSite. You choose whether to disclose Personal Information, but sometimes we maynot be able to process your Transaction without it. For example, we cannot sella product to you without your name, payment information, product information,and delivery address. You also may provide information to be posted ordisplayed on public areas of the Site, or transmitted to other users of theSite or third parties. If you include Personal Information in thosetransmissions, it will be available publicly and not protected.

(iv)            AutomaticallyGathered. We collect some information automatically as you navigate the Site.For example, we collect usage details, such as traffic data (such as informationabout how much time visitors spend on the Site or each page, dates and times ofvisits, etc.), location data, clickstream data (such as pages visited, clicksmade, and similar information) and collect information about your computer,browsing patterns, and Internet connection (such as IP address, operatingsystem, and browser type) for all visitors. This sort of information isgenerally considered Non-personal Information (unless it is combined with andtherefore treated as Personal Information). We may combine information aboutyour use with information about others use to generate aggregated Non-personalInformation about visitors as a group. We may use tracking technologies tocollect information about your online activities over time and across thirdparty websites or other online services (behavioral tracking). ClearVisionOptical may collect information through tracking technology described below.

1.      "COOKIES" aresmall files stored by a user's internet browser on a user's computer or otherdevice. Cookies allow us (or our service providers) to recognize your deviceand record information about your use of the Site. Most Internet browsers areinitially set to accept cookies. You can set your browser to refuse cookies,but then you may not be able to access or use portions of this Site.

2.      FLASH COOKIES arelocal stored objects that allow us to collect and store information about yourpreferences and navigation to, from and on our Site. Flash cookies are notmanaged by the same browser settings used for browser cookies.

3.      WEB BEACONS aresmall bits of code embedded in web pages or emails that assist in deliveringcookies. Web beacons (also known as clear GIFs or pixel GIFs) help ClearVisionOptical determine whether a page on this Site has been viewed and, if so, howmany times or whether an email has been opened. For example, any electronicimage on this Site, such as an ad banner, can function as a web beacon.Although you cannot decline to receive web beacons when visiting a web page, youcan choose not to receive web beacons by email if you disable HTML images orrefuse HTML email messages.

4.      THIRD PARTYADVERTISEMENTS. Some content or applications, including advertisements, on theSite are served by third parties, including advertisers, ad networks andservers, content providers and application providers. These third parties mayuse cookies and/ or other tracking technologies to collect information aboutyou when you use the Site. The information they collect may be associated withyour Personal Information or they may collect information, including PersonalInformation, about your online activities over time and across differentwebsites and other online services. They may use this information to provideyou with interest-based (behavioral) advertising or other targeted content. Wedo not control these third parties' tracking technologies or how they may beused. If you have any questions about an advertisement or other targetedcontent, you should contact the responsible provider directly. 

(v)              ThirdParties. We may collect information about you from third parties, such asservice providers.

2. How WeUse the Information. Generally, ClearVision Optical uses information(including Personal Information) to improve our services, to present, improve,administer, customize, and/or maintain the Site, to speed searching capability,to estimate the size and patterns of the Sites audience, to fulfill and manageTransactions, to build relationships with you and other users, to market andprovide you with information about services, to provide the services, products,and information you request, to send you newsletters, to fulfill other purposesfor which you provide the information, to provide you with notices about youraccount, to notify you about changes to the Site, to allow you to participatein interactive features of the Site, to customize our services, to make contentyou see more relevant, to identify and prevent fraud, to track visits fromaffiliates or independent contractors, to regulate the advertisements youreceive, to provide you with tailored offers and measure their effectiveness,to carry out our obligations and enforce our rights, to enable others toenforce their rights, to conduct investigations, to cooperate with lawenforcement, to conduct market research and analysis, in any other waydescribed when you provide the information, and for any other purpose with yourconsent. We may contact you to obtain your input, or provide information aboutour services or events. ClearVision Optical may identify you in connection withyour use of certain aspects of this Site and may link information about youruse of the Site with your Personal Information. ClearVision Optical does notplace any restrictions on the use of Non-personal Information. More detailabout certain uses of Personal Information appears below.

(a) Marketing.We may use your Personal Information to offer, market and advertise to youvia the Site and/or through email or U.S. mail. We may communicate with youabout ClearVision Opticals services or third-party products or services thatmay interest you. We may use Personal Information to conduct market researchand analysis for ourselves and for others.

3. How WeProtect the Information.

(a) SecurityMeasures. ClearVision Optical takes steps to protect the PersonalInformation it stores or receives through the Site. Your Personal Informationis stored on secure servers protected by a firewall. Any payment Transactionsconducted through the Site will be encrypted using SSL technology.

(b) Caution. WhileClearVision Optical endeavors to safeguard your Personal Information, it cannotguarantee absolute security. You transmit Personal Information through the Siteat your own risk. You acknowledge and agree that ClearVision Optical shall notbe liable for any security breach that results from causes or events that arebeyond ClearVision Opticals control (such as acts of God, hacking,circumvention of privacy settings or security measures, terrorism, poweroutages, defects in third party security products and services, your own actsand omissions, and other similar events beyond ClearVision Opticalscontrol).  Please be aware that no security measures are perfect orimpenetrable.

4. WhatDisclosures We Make of the Information.

(a) Non-personalInformation. ClearVision Optical does not place any restrictions on the useor disclosure of Non-Personal Information (included aggregated information).ClearVision Optical may share it with anyone for any purpose.

(b) PersonalInformation. ClearVision Optical may share your Personal Information withits affiliates. In addition, ClearVision Optical may share your PersonalInformation with other third parties:

(i) ENABLING SERVICES, GENERAL. ClearVisionOptical may disclose your Personal Information to contractors, serviceproviders, and other third parties to enable them to provide ClearVisionOptical with services, including without limitation those necessary forprocessing your orders, payment processing, shipping, emailing, marketing,providing research or analysis, webhosting, storing/managing data, assisting inproviding the services available through the Site or otherwise. ClearVisionOptical may also disclose your Personal Information to fulfill the purpose forwhich you provided such information or for any other purpose ClearVisionOptical discloses when you provide the information. ClearVision Optical maydisclose your Personal Information with your consent.

(ii) LEGAL REASONSClearVision Optical may discloseyour Personal Information in response to a subpoena or other court order, ifotherwise required by law, in an effort to cooperate with law enforcementor a regulatory agency, to enable someone to enforce their rights, or to allowClearVision Optical to enforce its rights. ClearVision Optical may discloseyour Personal information when ClearVision Optical believes that doing so isnecessary or desirable (a) to enforce ClearVision Opticals rights or defendagainst legal claims, (b) to investigate, prevent, or take action regardingillegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving personal threats tophysical safety, allegations of intellectual property infringement orviolations of privacy rights, (c) to protect rights, property, safety ofClearVision Optical, its customers, or others, and/or (d) as otherwise requiredby law.

(iii)           ASSIGNMENTS. ClearVision Optical may disclose your Personal Information to abuyer or other successor in interest in the event of a sale of substantiallyall of ClearVision Opticals assets, the merger, dissolution, divestiture,restructuring, reorganization, sale, or transfer of ClearVision Optical, orsome or all of its assets, whether as a going concern or as part of bankruptcy,liquidation, or a similar proceeding. If that happens, the buyer, assignee, orother successor in interests privacy policy may govern the further protection,use, and disclosure of your Personal Information.

(iv)            MARKETING.We may disclose or share some of your personal (excluding payment information)and/or non-personal information to third parties who offer, market andadvertise to you. We may use non-personal information to conduct marketresearch and analysis for ourselves. ClearVision optical does not place any restrictionson the use of non-personal information.

(v) Do NotTrack Disclosure. Some browsers have a do not track feature that, whenenabled, signals websites and online services that you do not wish to betracked. ClearVision Optical takes no action in response to web browser signalsand other mechanisms that enable consumers to exercise choice about behavioraltracking because there is still no acceptance standard for how to respond tothem.

5. How toManage Your Information. The mechanisms below provide you with certainoptions about how to exercise control over your Personal Information:

(a) InformationAccess. Upon your request, ClearVision Optical will remove your PersonalInformation from ClearVision Opticals records related to this Site. This may cancelyour subscription to some or all of the services offered by ClearVisionOptical, via this Site or otherwise. We cannot delete your Personal Informationwithout deleting your account. If you wish to update/correct PersonalInformation you have already provided to us, or if you wish to remove yourPersonal Information from our records, please send your request to us via emailat or via postal mail to this address: ClearVision Optical /ATTN: Marketing Dept. / 425 Rabro Drive, Suite 2, Hauppauge, NY 11788. We maynot accommodate a request to change information if we believe the change wouldviolate any law or legal requirement or cause the information to be incorrect.If you delete publicly posted submissions from the Site, copies may remainviewable in cached and archived pages, or might have been copied or stored byother Site users.

(b) EmailMarketing. You may choose to opt out of receiving marketing emails thatpromote our products from us at any time by sending your request to us viaemail at or via postal mail at ClearVision Optical /ATTN: Marketing Dept. / 425 Rabro Drive, Suite 2, Hauppauge, NY 11788, or byusing the means (such as clicking unsubscribe) provided in our marketingemails. Please note, however, that your opt-out will apply only to marketingemails, not email communications about your Transaction or other non-marketingcorrespondence.

6. Children.

We do not knowingly collect PersonalInformation from children under the age of 18 on our Site. If we discover thatwe have collected Personal Information about a child under the age of 18, suchinformation will be deleted from our system. If you are under the age of 18, donot use this Site or provide information on this Site. If you believe we havereceived information from or about a child under the age of 18, please contactus here: or ClearVision Optical /ATTN: TalentManagement / 425 Rabro Drive, Suite 2, Hauppauge, NY 11788.

7. Modificationsto Privacy Policy.

We may modify this Privacy Policy fromtime to time in our sole discretion. If we make a material change to thisPrivacy Policy, we will post such changes on our Site. By continuing to use ourSite after such notice, you are bound by this Privacy Policy as modified.

8. CaliforniaResidents. If you are a California resident and would like a copy of a noticedescribing categories of information shared with third parties or contractorsfor direct marketing purposes and the names and addresses of such third partiesand contractors that received information in the past year, please submit awritten request to or ClearVision Optical /ATTN: Talent Management / 425 Rabro Drive, Suite 2, Hauppauge, NY 11788.

9. ContactInformation. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, you may contactus at: or via postal mail at ClearVision Optical/ ATTN: Talent Management / 425 Rabro Drive, Suite 2, Hauppauge, NY 11788. Wewill use reasonable efforts to respond promptly to reasonable requests orquestions you may have regarding our use of your Personal Information.